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Last Updated: Tuesday June 30 2009 17:13 GMT

Gavin plays piano on the streets of London

Gavin checks out the street pianos

It'd be no surprise to find loads of traffic, litter and people on the streets of a busy town or city, but what about musical instruments?

As loads of pianos started popping up on the streets of London, we sent Gavin to find out what it's all about.

"Finding a piano in the middle of your street isn't something you expect to stumble upon everyday!

But for one of the latest art exhibitions to hit London, 30 of them have been placed around the capital, in spots where people are likely to have a play. How cool is that?!

I knew there was one near the city's famous Millennium Bridge - so when I saw loads of people huddled together and laughing about, there was no doubt the piano was the centre of attention.

The pianos are part of the City of London's festival this summer.

And the artist behind the project, Luke Jerram, reckons this is a good way for people to stop in their tracks and break up the day with a bit of musical cheer!

I can see where he's coming from, there were loads of passers-by just rocking up to have a go!

New craze

I'm useless at playing the piano. I'm not going to even pretend I can play anything. But the kids I met at one of the installations were really good.

All the pianos were locked to the nearest sturdy object to stop anything happening to them, and there was a waterproof sheet on top of them just in case it rained.

This kind of thing has been tried and tested in places as far away as Brazil and even Australia.

And judging from the 'wannabe Mozarts' in this country (myself included!) I think street piano playing could very well be the newest craze for the summer."