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Last Updated: Tuesday June 30 2009 13:33 GMT

I recovered from swine flu

Press Packer Molly working at home

Press Packer Molly was worried when she got swine flu, but is better now and back at school.

This is her story:

"When I was ill I felt very scared as I thought I might die.

I realised that everything was going to be alright as long as I did as the doctors and health experts told me.

Before I got swine flu I didn't really know much about it.

Getting better

When I got better, going back to school for the first time in two weeks was very scary.

I was nervous of what my classmates might say or think about the whole swine flu thing, but most of them were OK.

All of my friends were very supportive and didn't ask any very personal questions.

Some people in other years were rude, but not very many.

I was very pleased to be back at school as I had missed my friends and teachers.

Press Packer Molly

When I first got back to school some teachers were asking me if I was feeling a lot better and stuff like that, and others were thanking me for the two week holiday I got them!

I was the centre of attention on some occasions, like in the lunch line and in some classes, it felt weird and I didn't really like it.

Some people were whispering and stuff, but the majority of people were more concerned for me.

Back to normal

Since I had swine flu my life has gone completely back to normal, I am able to go out with my friends. I am able to eat properly again and stuff like that.

I am back in full health now and am able to do everything I could before!

Full health

The rest of my family are doing well now as well, including my dad who had it too but is now back in full health.

Altogether the whole experience has been weird.

It was difficult, scary and miserable so I am glad to be better!"

Molly, 13, Dunoon, Scotland

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