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Last Updated: Tuesday June 30 2009 11:34 GMT

New charger to fit all phones

Mobile chargers

The hassle of hunting for a charger for your mobile could be over, as a charger to fit all phones has been announced.

There are currently around 30 different types of charger around, meaning when people get a new phone, their perfectly decent charger often gets ditched.

But the new chargers will work for all phones with a micro slot, meaning you could keep them forever.

The chargers are being developed by a group of 10 phone companies and will be available by next year.

The charger will run off phones with a tiny USB slot, like the one used for a memory stick but smaller.

Companies like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Research in Motion and Samsung came up with the deal.

Phones made by the 10 companies involved are used by up to 90% of the 350 - 400 million phone owners across Europe.