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Last Updated: Wednesday July 08 2009 04:37 GMT

I took part in a big wildlife survey

Jess and her school pond

Press Packer Jess took part in a big survey about pond life.

This is her story:

"We don't have a pond in our back garden. Our next door neighbours do.

We sometimes get frogs hopping around our grass who've obviously squeezed through the fence - but this does make my dog jump!

Survey time

School pond
School pond

We do have a pond at school though so I decided to go and investigate it so I could do my bit and fill in The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) survey.

They want to know how many ponds there are in the UK's back gardens or communities, and whether we are making the most of them to attract and support wildlife.

I couldn't believe how many creatures live in our school pond.

Exploring the pond

We've got newts, frogs, frog spawn, tadpoles, and some animals I don't know the names of: wiggly insects that live under the rocks in the water, little bugs with red dots on them and little spiders that skate across the top of the water too.

There's also butterflies, moths and bees, and caterpillars and worms crawling over the nearby logs, plus a couple of birds nests in the tree overlooking the pond.

Jess looking for wildlife
Jess looking for wildlife

I think the birds like living next to the water. It means they can have a drink and even a wash to cool down in the hot weather!

It's amazing how many animals and birds live in and around ponds.

I can't imagine what would happen to them if the pond wasn't there. Where would they live? It would be horrible if they died because there weren't enough ponds for them all."

Jess, 11, Gloucester

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