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Last Updated: Monday June 29 2009 06:36 GMT

Adam looks at tributes to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's star

Adam visits Jackson tributes

Fans of Michael Jackson have been leaving tributes for the King of Pop at his star on the Hollywood Walk of fame in the US city of Los Angeles.

Adam is there.

"When you get really well-know you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And they don't come more famous than Michael Jackson.

Ever since his death was announced on Thursday, fans have been leaving flowers and messages by the red and gold star with Jackson's name written across the middle.

Adam at Michael's star
Adam at Michael's star

It is next to the Chinese Theatre where lots of big film premieres are held.

Barriers have been put up to cope with the crowds of people who want to see the tributes. We all had to queue for about forty minutes in the blistering heat.

Most of the people here were visiting LA anyway but they felt it was important to come and pay their respects.

Emily, aged 10, said: "It makes me really sad because I liked a lot of his music."

Courteney, aged 10, said: "It's interesting to hear about his history. And it's amazing to see so many people come and give him this memorial."

But the atmosphere wasn't especially sad. People kept on saying how much they loved the star's music and his smoothe moves.

11-year old Ronnie from Paris, California even showed me his version of the moonwalk - the style of dancing Jackson made famous.

It's not quite showbusiness as usual, but alongside the flowers were the people dressed as Star Wars characters, cartoons and celebrities who work on Hollywood Boulevard every day.