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Last Updated: Monday June 29 2009 06:13 GMT

Faulty 20p coins worth 50

20p coins being laid out

Maddy finds out how to make pounds from pence

Take a close look at the coins in your pocket - they could be worth a lot more than you think!

A recently released batch of 20p coins have a fault on them which could make them worth £50 each.

The special coins were accidentally put out without a date on them after a mix-up in a recent redesign, which makes them valuable to coin collectors.

A coin company is offering the first 10,000 people to contact them with a faulty coin £50.

The coins were meant to have dates on them, but a redesign of the 20p last year went a bit wrong.

The date used to be on the tails side of the coin, but was shifted over to the heads side.

However, a batch of coins was made using the mould with the old heads side and the new tails side, meaning neither has a date.

It's the first time that's happened since 1672!