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Last Updated: Sunday June 28 2009 10:13 GMT

I play Michael Jackson on stage


Press Packer Tyler, 12, plays junior Michael Jackson in the touring production of Thriller Live. He's been a fan all his life.

He's found the news that he's idol has died very difficult.

Tyler spoke to Newsround about how he feels:

"I found out that Michael Jackson had died at 6am the morning after. I was flicking through the TV channels and then I saw the news.

I was so shocked and saddened as he was one of my idols. My mum and nan have always played his music.

My nan has a whole box of his CDs and I've always danced to it and sang along. To find out he's now gone is very emotional.

No-one could sing quite like him. He was totally unique. Lots of people tried to be as good as him but they couldn't compete.

I play the young Michael Jackson in a show about his life and music called Thriller Live. I sing some of his early songs that he sung with his original bad, The Jackson Five. I also sing Heal The World with the whole cast.

I'm in the touring production so we go to lots of different cities and perform.

I think the audience might change a little now. They will certainly enjoy it but there will be a sadness too.

I will feel a bit different performing as Michael since the news.

It's good that the cast and crew are such a close group. I also have great support from my family and my mum, dad and nan really make my performing career possible.

Michael Jackson was definitely an inspiration and it's hard to know that my idol is now gone."

Tyler, 12, London, England

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