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Last Updated: Thursday June 25 2009 15:57 GMT

I'm at Glastonbury Music Festival

Chloe is at Glastonbury

Press Packer Chloe, 13, is at Glastonbury music festival in Somerset. Her parents are working there, and she's getting to take part in all the fun.

In between seeing the top bands, she's taking some time to send us a report every day.

Here's what she's been up to:

Day one - setting up

Chloe unpacking
There's lots of unpacking to do

"Setting up is fun because we get to see all the stages and how they are built.

We get to go around the fields before everybody arrives so we know where we are going really well.

We can remember from last year because most things are in the same place.

Great atmosphere

Its very lively and the atmosphere is electric. My parents are both working so we don't get to see them that often.

Things sometimes go wrong but can usually be fixed in time.

Chloe by a fire
Glastonbury might not be luxurious but it's fun

I am looking forward to seeing loads of really cool bands, especially Prodigy, Lily Allen and Bloc Party. Hopefully the weather will stay nice too.

I am also looking forward to seeing people backstage because the crew are all friends and know each other really well."

Day two- sun and mud

"Yesterday it rained quite a lot and there was lots of thick mud. When we were watching Lily Allen the sun came out and it got really hot.

Chloe chilling out between watching bands
Chilling out between watching bands

We saw 7 bands and my legs are soooo tired. I went to see them with my friends and cousins. One of the best things yesterday was watching all of Lady Gagas outfit changes! she wore 5 different outfits.


Chloe in front of an art display
There's always loads to see at Glastonbury

Tomorrow there is a clash with the bands I want to see so I have to make a tough decision. Hopefully the weather will stay nice.

I was really excited because we got right to the front of some of the bands and we saw Reggie when he was introducing the Ting Tings."

Day three and four - celebrities and heading home

"On Sunday I went to watch my sister perform in a show in the Parlure Speigeltent, she was really good, she did a dance with her friends.

I also went to see the Prodigy, they were really amazing. I also saw Calvin Harris who was awesome and after the show he signed my festival guide, he was really nice.

Chloe with Calvin Harris
Chloe meets Calvin Harris

Today it's hot and much quieter as most people have left, although there are a lot of busy vehicles and traffic.

Heading home

We went for a walk around the site and saw lots of rubbish and things that people had left behind. I found a blow up chair, a hat and some flowers for my mum.

Most of my friends have gone home now, we are going to have a nice fire tonight and go home tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to going back to school!"

Chloe, 13, Glastonbury, England

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