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Last Updated: Thursday June 25 2009 05:39 GMT

My house was flooded

Adam and a kid affected by flooding

Adam meets kids affected by floods in Hull

Press Packer Jack, 12, had to move out of his house two years ago when there were massive floods in his area.

He and other kids have been telling researchers about their experience to help people who are affected in the future.

Here's his story:

"When the floods happened I was at school. At the beginning one of the toilets got flooded. We got sent home and my dad came to pick me up.

Our house is at the bottom of a slope so the water came down and it got under the floorboards.

Chest infection

We used dustbins to try and get the water out. But the house still flooded.

Jack other group members telling researchers about their experiences
Jack other group members telling researchers about their experiences

We lived in the upstairs of our house for a while but I got a chest infection and we had to move out.

We had to stay in a big scary house in another area for a year. I couldn't see any of my friends.

We had to take the whole kitchen out and replace it. Then the builders went bankrupt and left our old house half-finished.

Are the floods returning?

My Dad had to finish all the work himself. We only moved back in March this year!

The floods have changed how I see the world. Whenever it rains you think 'is it all going to happen again?'.

Sometimes I get upset when I talk about it. I feel proud that my experiences could be helping other people. "

Jack, 12, Hull, England

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