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Last Updated: Wednesday June 24 2009 06:42 GMT

Troubled sports channel stops broadcasting

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Subscription TV channel Setanta Sports has stopped broadcasting to homes in Great Britain after failing to find the cash to pay for the events it shows.

Setanta usually pays loads of money for the right to show big games and tournaments, but recently it's run out.

That's meant they haven't been able to pay organisations, like the English and Scottish Premier Leagues, who've since cancelled their contracts with Setanta.

It's thought about 200 people who work for Setanta could now lose their jobs.

Business experts, called administrators, have been called in to try to make as much money as possible by selling Setanta Sports.

Sonali in an edit suite

How Scottish footie clubs are being affected by Setanta's troubles

But they say Setanta WILL continue to broadcast in Ireland.

And Setanta International and Setanta Ireland are unaffected by the latest developments.

What next?

After the English Premier League cancelled their contract with Setanta, the rights to show the 46 live Premier League matches of 2009/2010 were sold on to the American broadcaster, ESPN.

Meanwhile, the SPL has said it's looking for a new buyer for the rights to show its matches.

And the Football Association, which had a contract with Setanta to show England's home matches and other games, said it would now "consider options" to find the best place to show the fixtures.