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Last Updated: Tuesday June 23 2009 18:15 GMT

Missing dog found 550 miles away


Dog reunited with owner after 550-mile trip

An adventurous dog has been found four months after she went missing - 550 miles away from where she vanished.

Lucy disappeared from Sonya and William McKerron's house in in Cornwall in February, and was found in East Lothian, Scotland, on Saturday.

She wandered in to a family garden, and was taken to a dog's home to be scanned to see if she had a microchip.

Mrs McKerron said: "It feels overwhelming to see her as we didn't think we would ever find her again.

"She is not a wanderer but from now on I will be keeping an eye on her so that nobody steals her."

Dave Ewing, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home manager, said he suspected Lucy had been taken by someone rather than having just become lost.

He added that it proved that chipping pets - implanting a small microchip which contains details of where they live and who owns them - "pays off".