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Last Updated: Tuesday June 23 2009 07:38 GMT

Politicians pick John Bercow as new Speaker

John Bercow

Conservative politician John Bercow is the new Speaker of the House of Commons after being picked by other MPs.

He beat nine other candidates to become the 157th Speaker.

Mr Bercow has taken the job after the previous Speaker, Michael Martin, resigned when he realised many of the MPs didn't trust him to do his job.

The Speaker takes charge of debates inside the Commons, deciding who gets to speak. His job also includes making sure Parliament works properly.

John Bercow says he wants to help politicians become more popular after lots of bad stories in newspapers and on television in recent weeks.

In his first speech after being elected, Mr Bercow admitted that it had been difficult for MPs.

He said: "We have faced quite the most testing time which has left many members feeling very sore and vulnerable but large sections of the public also feel angry and disappointed."