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Last Updated: Tuesday June 23 2009 06:13 GMT

Singer Chris Brown admits attacking Rihanna

Chris Brown

Chris Brown admits Rihanna attack

American singer Chris Brown has admitted that he did attack his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Ever since the incident happened Brown has said he didn't attack the singer on the way to February's Grammy Awards.

But on Monday he told an American court that he did, after pleading guilty to assault. Brown was sentenced to six months of community service.

Brown changed his mind just before a full court case in which Rihanna was expected to speak got started.

By admitting to the crime before a trial started Brown avoided the risk of being sent to prison had a jury found him guilty.

Chris Brown was sentenced to five years' probation - that means he will have to attend special meetings and stay out of trouble for that time or be brought back to court.

Rihanna was inside the courtroom as well

As well as the community service sentence, Brown must stay at least 45m away from Rihanna unless they are at a showbiz event, when he must stay 9m away.

It's likely Brown will have to clear up rubbish by the side of a road or clean graffiti.

He will also have to go to classes to learn how to prevent domestic violence.