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Last Updated: Monday June 22 2009 09:37 GMT

MPs to choose new House of Commons Speaker

The candidates for the new speaker

Politicians are preparing to vote for a new person to be in charge of them as the Speaker of the House of Commons.

The most recent Speaker, Michael Martin, decided to leave the job when he realised that a lot of MPs no longer trusted him to do it properly.

They weren't happy with the way he acted when a national newspaper printed details of their expenses.

Only current MPs are allowed to become the Speaker, and 10 of them have said they want the job next.

It's probably going to take most of the day to choose a new Speaker, because the voting system is quite complicated.

Who wants to be Speaker?
Margaret Beckett (Lab)
Sir Alan Beith (Lib Dem)
John Bercow (Con)
Sir Patrick Cormack (Con)
Parmjit Dhanda (Lab)
Sir Alan Haselhurst (Con)
Sir Michael Lord (Con)
Richard Shepherd (Con)
Ann Widdecombe (Con)
Sir George Young (Con)

A winner is only selected when more than half of the MPs vote for them. At the end of each round the candidate in last place drops out.

Lengthy voting process

That means it could take a lot of rounds for MPs to pick the winners.

Whichever MP does get picked will have stop being a politician, so an election will then take place in the area they represent to pick a new MP.