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Last Updated: Monday June 22 2009 06:39 GMT

Top Gear's Stig is driver Michael Schumacher

Who is Top Gear's The Stig? - Clip courtesy Top Gear - BBC Two

The name of Top Gear's tame racing driver, The Stig, has been revealed as ex-Formula One star Michael Schumacher!

After years of mystery Top Gear bosses decided to let fans in on the secret, and stunned them when Schumacher was shown as the man in the white overalls.

He then answered some questions from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

It's always been thought that lots of different people had driven as the Stig, and even now not everyone is sure he really is Michael Schumacher.

We do know that at least one other person has been the Stig before, as in 2002 a driver called Perry McCarthy said he was the secret racer in a book.


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At that time the Stig wore black overalls, but TV bosses then replaced McCarthy with a new driver and put him in the now famous white outfit.

The real Stig?

After the show a BBC spokeswoman wouldn't say if Schumacher was the real Stig, or a trick to get people excited about the new series of Top Gear.

But she added: "You have to bear in mind that Top Gear is an entertainment programme."