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Last Updated: Sunday June 21 2009 13:28 GMT

In pictures: Treasures of Ancient Greece for new museum

The Acropolis Museum

A new museum has opened in Athens to show off the treasures of Ancient Greece.

Visitors stand at the Parthenon hall of the New Acropolis museum

But some of the most important exhibits at the Acropolis Museum are represented by plaster copies as the original statues are kept miles away in London's British Museum.

A 2nd century BC male marble statue

Greek President Karolos Papoulias wants Britain to return the marble friezes and sculptures, which were taken from the Parthenon in Athens nearly 200 years ago.

Part of the Parthenon's marble frieze. The whiter bits are the plaster copies.

The British Museum's got about 75m of the original 160m frieze from the Parthenon. The missing pieces are represented in the Acropolis Museum by white plaster copies.

Acropolis Museum

Britain has repeatedly refused to return the sculptures - also known as the Elgin Marbles - partly because the British Museum said Greece didn't have a proper place to put them.

Cartataid sculptures

This display shows five of the original six late 5th Century sculptures that once propped up part of a temple on the Acropolis. The gap is for the sixth sculpture that's in London.

Interior of the Acropolis Museum

Lots of people are hoping the opening of the Acropolis Museum will persuade Britain to return the missing sculptures to Greece.

The Acropolis Museum

The museum includes about 350 artefacts and sculptures spread over three floors and can welcome more than 10,000 visitors every day.