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Last Updated: Saturday June 20 2009 17:03 GMT

Sports channel loses Premier League matches

Someone holding a Setanta Sports microphone

Troubled sports pay-TV channel Setanta won't be showing anymore Premier League games after its contract was cancelled.

The subscription broadcaster lost the right to show the matches after failing to pay the latest chunk of the £30m it owes the English Premier League.

It came as a possible rescue deal, that would have seen an American investor buying 51% of Setanta, fell through.

The rights to show the 46 live Premier League matches of 2009/2010 will now be auctioned to other TV companies.

Setanta is a subscription sports channel that pays lots of cash to show major events like American golf, rugby and boxing as well as English and Scottish Premier League football.

It's been having big money problems recently, which has left it struggling to pay sporting bosses the money it owes.

Setanta already owes the English Premier League more than £30m and the Scottish Premier League £3m, which has had a knock-on effect for some of the smaller clubs in the Scottish Premier League.