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Last Updated: Saturday June 20 2009 11:46 GMT

Girl, 14, survives lightning bolt


A teenage girl survived being struck by lightning because the force of the bolt was diverted through the wires of her iPod headphones, according to experts.

Sophie Frost, 14, and boyfriend Mason Billington were sheltering under a tree during a storm when the lightning hit.

Sophie passed out as the current shot through her headphones, hanging from her school uniform, burning her chest.

Experts say lightning takes the easiest route to the ground and think the metal in the iPod was the best conductor.

Mason also felt the shock of the bolt as he was holding hands with Sophie when she was struck.

Clothing burnt by lightning strike
Sophie's clothing was badly burnt by the lightning

"The wind got knocked out of me and I couldn't see anything," he said.

"I was coming round and just trying to speak to Sophie, then she came round. I couldn't stand up at all and my face was numb."

Sophie suffered bad burns to her chest and stomach and said she can't really remember what happened.

Luckily the pair are now recovering well, although Sophie has been given the nickname Sparky by her friends and family.