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Last Updated: Friday June 19 2009 15:13 GMT

Ricky checks out new Harry Potter tour

Ricky with the magician at the Harry Potter tour bus in London

Ricky waves the wand for Harry Potter trick

As Harry Potter fans all over the world prepare for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, some lucky British fans will be getting a magical glimpse behind the scenes.

It's part of a special promotional Potter tour that's travelling around the UK and we sent Ricky to check it out...

"Just like a wizard's potion, the hype around the latest Harry Potter film has been bubbling away.

It's not long before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released in cinemas across the world, so I went along to a special tour to get a taste for it.

Earlier this week, right in the heart of London, a large trailer truck parked up in Leicester Square.

It's there to promote the movie and inside there are lots of genuine props and bits of memorabilia from the film.

Dumbledore's office

The truck has been specially designed to look like Hogwarts castle inside and features some of the costumes worn in the film, including a pair of trainers and a hoodie worn by Daniel Radcliffe.

In Pictures
The sorting hat

At the end of the trailer the tour organisers recreated Dumbledore's Hogwarts office.

I even got to sit in the huge chair and have to admit, for a couple of minutes, I pretended I was actually in the film!

Over the past couple of days, competition winners have been lucky enough to check it all out and play the latest Potter video games before they've even been released.

But don't worry, the trailer is open to everyone this weekend and will be touring other parts of the UK over the next few weeks."