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Last Updated: Friday June 19 2009 17:54 GMT

Quiz: The Williams sisters

Serena and Venus Williams

Question 1

Which one of the Williams sisters is the eldest?

A: Venus
B: Serena
C: They are twins

Question 2

Which Williams sister has won the most Grand Slam tournaments?

A: Serena
B: Venus
C: They've both won the same amount

Question 3

Which Williams sister is the tallest?

A: Venus
B: Serena
C: They're the same height

Question 4

Venus and Serena sometimes play together in doubles tournaments with a lot of success. At which Olympics DIDN'T they win the women's doubles?

A: Sydney 2000
B: Athens 2004
C: Beijing 2008

Question 5

The Williams sisters are the two highest earners in the history of women's tennis, but which one has earned the most?

A: Serena
B: Venus

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