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Last Updated: Thursday September 03 2009 04:57 GMT

I learn at home

Samuel who is home schooled

Press Packer Samuel has been taught at home since he was seven.

Find out what he thinks about being home schooled...

"I learn at home instead of going to school.

This is because when I used to go to school I was bullied and did not fit in with the other kids.

The main difference between learning at home and going to school is that I now have more friends even though I don't have a big class!

My brothers also learn at home.

Flexible working

Being educated at home means I can choose my own subjects and don't have fixed times of when I have to wake up to do work!

Instead of having a teacher, my mum and dad teach me my work.

They help with my spelling and show me websites that are useful and might help me.

Samuel who is home schooled does some work in his garden
Samuel can even study in his garden!

I don't learn by subjects, but by topics.

And I can choose when I work!

We are part of a local group that has 250 families who all do home schooling and so I know lots of children who also learn at home.

Day trips

Often we meet to do trips - from visits to power stations to the Royal Mews - so we are not always at home!

I think the good things about being taught at home are that I don't get bullied anymore.

And I don't have to sit still all the time (I could never sit still in class so I was told off lots!)

Also I don't have to wake up early and I can choose my own subjects.

The bad stuff? I can't think of any bad things about not going to school!"

Samuel, 11, London, England

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