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Last Updated: Thursday June 18 2009 13:07 GMT

MPs' expenses claims are published online

Houses of Parliament

The details of all the expenses claims made by MPs over the past four years have been published online.

Lots of MPs have got into trouble recently because they claimed cash for things like TVs, second homes and even having a moat cleaned.

Those details were originally revealed by a newspaper, but now the government have published them on the internet.

But some people are angry because lots of information hasn't been included, apparently for security reasons.

That means things like addresses, hotels MPs stayed in and claims that were turned down have been removed.

An expenses claim forms with details blacked out
An expenses claim forms with details blacked out

And that was just the kind of information that got the MPs in trouble in the first place.

Heather Brooke, who campaigns for information to be made available for the public, called the details published online "substandard".