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Last Updated: Thursday June 18 2009 09:34 GMT

Cat survives a MONTH locked up

Socks the cat

A cat has survived being locked up in a 6m storage unit for a month with no food and little water.

Socks went missing on 13 May. His owner put up posters and searched the streets of Arbroath in Scotland for him, but eventually gave up hope.

But he was found by an electrician in the metal unit, and taken to a vet.

He was half his ideal weight, so had to have specialist vet care. It's thought he survived by licking water from the walls of the container.

His owner Michelle Maher was really happy to see him.

She said: "I was over the moon at the sight of him.

"I was scared to see him at first because I didn't know what kind of state he would be in but he's fine, he's a bit skinnier but he's going to make a full recovery."