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Last Updated: Wednesday June 17 2009 14:51 GMT

Newsround's accessible newsreader

Newsround's Accessible Newsreader

We've got a special feature on the Newsround website that should make it much easier for everyone to use.

It's called the Newsround Accessible Newsreader and has been designed for children who may need help getting at the news stories on the site.

The Newsreader reads out the top stories on the site, and can be controlled by just a single click.

That means it's really useful for children who are unable to use a mouse and keyboard.

It works uses something called Switch technology.

When you go to the index page a coloured square moves around the options.

If you hit enter when you get to the subject you want it will start reading out news stories. You can also use a mouse to select your favourite subject and listen to the news that way too.