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Last Updated: Wednesday June 17 2009 16:05 GMT

I live at a zoo!

Press Packer Harry at the zoo with one of the tapirs

Check out Harry's report from his zoo home

Press Packer Harry lives at a zoo.

His parents are both keepers there and their house is on the zoo grounds. Here's his story...

"I've lived at Dudley Zoo all my life.

My parents have been keepers here for 20 years and met at the zoo.

I help them out in loads of different ways. I feed and clean out the animals and also chat to visitors to the zoo's farm about the various creatures there and how to hold them.

I have my own zoo keeper uniform which is a green sweatshirt and brown trousers.

Noisy peacock

We have loads of different animals here like kangaroos, chimps, flamingos and giraffes.

My favourite animal is the lion. I sometimes hear him roar when I'm in bed!

I did find it scary, but I'm used to it now and he's not as noisy as the peacock that roams the zoo grounds.

Harry feeding Bambam the ram
Harry feeding Bambam the ram

I also love Bambam the ram, as I helped to hand rear him from when he was a baby.

The only downside about helping out is that the fish we feed the sea lions and penguins stinks!

You have to wear rubber gloves to do it or the smell is very hard to get rid of. Our washing machine gets a lot of use!

Giant sea snail

I don't worry about the animals escaping. They're all in very secure enclosures and they never get out.

Also, there's an emergency procedure in place in case an animal does try to run away, and Dad and the other keepers practice it four times a year.

I keep animals in the house too, even though I have so many right outside my door.

I've got a giant sea snail and a snake that lives in a tank in the living room.

When friends come round to visit I get to give them a tour of the zoo, which is pretty cool and I'm never bored in the summer holidays!

I love living in the zoo and feel very lucky to have so much to see and do right on my door step."

Harry, 10, Dudley, England

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