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Last Updated: Tuesday June 16 2009 14:29 GMT

No charges over Ronaldo car crash

Ronaldo on the pitch

Police have said footballer Cristiano Ronaldo won't face charges after crashing his Ferrari earlier this year.

The 24-year-old winger was driving his sports car through tunnels near Manchester airport when he crashed into a barrier on 8 January.

The accident caused £200,000 of damage to the car and a wheel came off - but amazingly Ronaldo was unhurt.

Ronaldo was interviewed after the crash but after looking into the accident police have decided not to take action.

Mangled car after the crash
Ronaldo's mangled car after the crash

Last week, Manchester United accepted a record-breaking £80m bid from Real Madrid for the Portuguese international.

He's expected to make the move to Spain in the next few weeks.