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Last Updated: Monday June 15 2009 15:11 GMT

Olympian says get on your bikes

Sir Chris Hoy with Ricky

Olympian's message to get on your bikes

Getting to school by bus or car is pretty popular, but how about using your bike to cycle to class?

Well it seems it's not that easy - research found one in three homes don't have a bike and nearly half of you have never been on a family bike ride.

Now gold medal-winning Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy wants to help change all that in a bid to boost our health and help protect the environment.

He's backing a big campaign to make it easier for us all to use pedal-power.

"[Cycling] is a great way to get exercise, it's great fun and you can use it for transport," he said. "You can ride to school or you can ride to your friend's house. It's a great way to be active."

Sir Chris Hoy with primary school pupils
ris Hoy with primary school pupils

Lots of you have told us you don't feel safe cycling on the roads so we asked Chris what he thought.

He said: "I do think it's safe to cycle on the road, if you go on roads which are not too busy and there's not too many big lorries, cars and buses."

He also said it's important to have cycle storage outside schools and more's being done to create cycle tracks around the country.