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Last Updated: Monday June 15 2009 11:25 GMT

First swine flu victim dies in UK

Ore's been finding out more about swine flu in the UK

A woman in Scotland who had swine flu has died - the first person with the bug to die in the UK and Europe.

Jacqueline Fleming was being treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. She was already ill, which made the flu more dangerous.

For most people having swine flu is just like normal flu. However if someone is already sick it can become more serious.

At the moment 1,261 people are known to have swine flu in the UK.

What's going on?
The swine flu bug seen under a microscope

Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said: "Tragic though (the) death is, I would like to emphasise that the vast majority of those who have H1N1 are suffering from relatively mild symptoms."

A school in Sheffield and three in Birmingham have also just shut because of the bug.

But experts say that there's still no reason to worry about swine flu.

You can avoid catching it by doing simple things like making sure you wash your hands regularly with soap and water.