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Last Updated: Sunday June 14 2009 17:31 GMT

In pictures: Fresh terracotta soldiers revealed

Terracotta Army

Archaeologists in China are working hard to reveal more life-size terracotta soldiers near the western city of Xi'an. The site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in China.

A terracotta soldier

More than 1,000 of the soldiers are already on show, and hundreds of thousands of people travel to see them every year.

An archaeologist at work in China

It's thought they were created for China's first Emperor Qin Shihuang. He believed in life after death and decided that he needed an army buried with him for protection.

Archaeologists at work in China

The site contains a series of chambers, and there may be as many as 8,000 different statues there. They each weigh around 180kg and are very, very detailed.

An archaeologist at work in China

The first ones were only found in 1974. This is the third separate dig to be started since the tomb was discovered.

An archaeologist at work in China

Surprisingly Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb has yet to be excavated. It's right at the middle of the site. He died in the year 210 BC, aged 50.

An archaeologists at work in China

Every figure in the tomb is different, and experts think they were modelled on a real army. The director of the tomb says getting the statues out is easy - looking after them is difficult.