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Last Updated: Sunday June 14 2009 12:35 GMT

Queen starts growing her own veg

The Queen inspects her vegetable garden

The Queen is the latest big name to get behind the rising trend of people growing their own food.

She's had an area in the gardens at Buckingham Palace turned into a vegetable patch, and some of the food has already been used by royal chefs!

Gardeners have been growing tomatoes, runner beans, onions, leeks and carrots for the past six weeks.

The palace gardens were last used to grow food during the second world war as part of a nationwide campaign.

Buckingham Palace isn't the only famous building to get a high-profile vegetable garden, after Barack and Michelle Obama made one at the White House too.

The Queen in the Buckinham Palace vegetable garden in 1940
The Queen in the Buckinham Palace vegetable garden in 1940

In March they dug up a big patch of the lawn at the White House to plant crops for the kitchens.

Lots of the plants being grown in the garden at Buckingham Palace have royal sounding names, like Golden Queen and Queen of Hearts tomatoes, Northern Queen lettuces and dwarf French bean Royal Red.

Heritage seeds

Ricky finds out more about the grow your own veg scheme

Many of the plants are really old types called heritage seeds, and the palace is trying to make sure they survive by growing them.

Claire Midgley, the palace's deputy garden manager, said: "By growing them on this site we're not only helping to keep old varieties alive, but we're also preserving heritage and history."