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Last Updated: Friday June 12 2009 16:02 GMT

In pictures: Mysterious artist holds surprise exhibition

Lion statue eating lion tamer

Mysterious street artist Banksy has put on an amazing exhibition in Bristol. People like his art, but nobody knows who he actually is and he likes to work in secret.

Banksy painting

Most of the museum staff didn't know that Banksy was putting together an exhibition even though they worked in the building!

Banks painting

To make sure that the staff didn't go to work while things were being set up they were told that the museum was closed to film scenes from a Harry Potter film... but it wasn't!

An exhibition at the gallery

Banksy managed to put up all his paintings and exhibits in just 36 hours. It's unusual for him to show his work in a museum - he got famous for his graffiti art on buildings.

Banksy paintings

Because Banksy used to paint in public some people don't like his work. They think it's graffiti and vandalism. Other people like it because they think it's funny.

Exhibit in the natural history section

This looks like a normal part of the museum in the natural history section, but what can you see if you look carefully?...

Rat with sunglasses

This is the rat from the previous picture. Up close you can see his little sunglasses, rucksack and spray paint can.

Fish fingers in fish tank

Banksy's art is famous for being slightly unexpected, like these fish fingers in a fish tank. You often have to look twice to see what's really there.

Banksy painting of monkeys

He uses his work to let people know his opinion about things, like these monkeys taking the place of politicians in the House of Commons.

Angel with paint can on her head

Even though he keeps his identity a secret, it's known that Banksy used to live in Bristol. People think that this exhibition is his way of saying thank you to his home town.