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Last Updated: Friday June 12 2009 13:39 GMT

Three new teams for F1 next year

A Ferrari

There will be an extra six cars on the Formula One starting grid in 2010, as three new teams are joining the sport.

The sport's governing body, the FIA, said on Friday that Manor Grand Prix, Campos Grand Prix and Team US F1 will all be racing next season.

All 10 teams taking part this season are hoping to carry on in 2010 too.

But some of them could still choose not to race as they aren't happy with proposed rules for next season, and could pull out if they're not changed.

Ferrari could be one of the teams to pull out, as they have said they're not racing in 2010 under the planned rules.

A Ferrari F1 car
Will Ferrari be back to race in 2010?

They - and several other teams - are unhappy with a proposed limit on how much teams can spend on their cars.

Teams who spend less than a proposed £40m budget limit could be given different rules to race under, which could make it easier to build faster cars than their rivals.

More teams want in

As well as the three brand new teams seven more said they wanted to get involved in the sport, but they didn't get in this time.

If any current teams decide not to race in 2010 the sport's bosses are confident some of those other new ones will still want to race.