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Last Updated: Friday June 12 2009 10:21 GMT

Life sentences for Ben's killers

Ben Kinsella

Three men will all spend at least 19 years in jail after they were found guilty of killing a 16-year-old boy.

Ben Kinsella's death hit the headlines after he was stabbed in 2008. It sparked big protest marches calling for people to stop carrying knives.

Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 18, and Michael Alleyne, 20, were sentenced to life in prison for killing Ben.

Ben died after a row involving some of his friends while he was on a night out to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams.

The men were told they had been found guilty on Thursday, but had to wait until Friday to find out how they would be punished.

Knife crime has been in the news a lot, but it's important to remember stabbings are very rare.

Ben was the brother of actress Brooke Kinsella, who used to star in EastEnders.