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Last Updated: Thursday June 11 2009 11:11 GMT

I've had swine flu

Press Packer Molly

Press Packer Molly caught swine flu. Her school in Scotland had to close and nobody from her family was allowed to leave the house for a week.

Here's her story...

"I first realised that something was wrong because I was feeling awfully sick.

I felt like sleeping all the time and it felt drowsy and horrible. I came home from school because I was feeling sick and my mum phoned the NHS because I was so ill.

The doctors came round and tested me, my mum and my dad for swine flu. They swabbed all of us to test. My mum didn't have it but me and my dad did.

Molly doing her school work
Molly can't wait to get back to school

When the school found out they shut my class. After that they had another meeting and shut the whole of the school.

Ill friend

It felt horrible that they shut the school because of me. There was another girl in my class, my friend Kirsty, who caught it off me on the Friday before I came home. She got swine flu too.

We're not sure how I got it but we think I got it from my dad.

I was scared that I was going to die and I was also scared because I was feeling so ill and being sick all the time.

As soon as the doctors knew we had swine flu my whole family was quarantined for a week.

Cleaning the germs

My mum and my sister didn't get swine flu so they spent the week cleaning things in the house to make sure that the germs weren't still there.

Swine flu
Influenza virus particles
Swine flu is a respiratory disease, which means it's to do with breathing, that usually affects pigs.

It's is caused by a strain of the influenza virus and is a bit like human flu, in that there are loads of different types and the infection is constantly changing.

The disease regularly breaks out among herds of pigs, but although it can make the animals very ill they normally survive.

My dad and I were very ill. I slept all the time and was sick a lot.

Dad didn't get it quite as badly as I did. I'm really grateful to my family for looking after me whilst I was ill and bringing me things.

The school has been shut for two weeks and reopens on Monday. I'm looking forward to going back as I've only just moved into my form.

My friends have been great while I've been ill and they've all been asking after me. They've asked me loads of questions about what it was like.

Back to school

It is scary, but my advice to anybody who gets swine flu is just to do everything by the book, do what the doctors tell you to do and you'll start to feel better in about a week probably.

You should clean all the door handles, and take your medicine and things like that.

It's nice to be able to go back out with my friends and now I'm looking forward to going back to school. "

Molly, 13, Dunoon, Scotland

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