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Last Updated: Thursday June 11 2009 16:01 GMT

Home schools 'to be checked'

Ricky registers for home schooling

Kids who are taught at home in England will be more closely checked up on, after a government report.

The review said councils should be able to visit any child who's taught at home to make sure they are being taught and treated well.

It will recommended that parents who teach at home should register with their council.

But the right of parents to take their kids out of school and teach them isn't being challenged.

At the moment councils don't have to check up on home schooled kids.

But they are expected to make sure all children are getting a proper education.

The government are worried the current laws might not let them do this.

They're also worried that some kids who are home schooled might be being badly treated, so they want to protect them.

But home education groups say the government should stop being so suspicious of them and give them more support.