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Last Updated: Thursday June 11 2009 08:15 GMT

Flash flooding closes schools

Floods hit transport and schools in the north

Torrential rain has caused flooding in parts of the north of England, leaving schools closed, roads blocked and several people needing to be rescued.

Areas of Yorkshire and Derbyshire saw nearly a month's rainfall - about 60mm - pour down in just 12 hours.

It caused chaos for commuters, flooding roads and train lines and leaving several people stranded.

Flood warnings are still in place in some areas, although forecasters say the worst of the weather has passed.

More showers are expected on Thursday, but nothing as bad as the downpours which caused the flooding.

Aerial view of the village of Catcliffe near Sheffield after the floods in June 2007
Large parts of South Yorkshire were devastated by flooding in June 2007

On Wednesday, 11 factory workers in Dronfield, north Derbyshire, had to be rescued by fire crews when floodwaters cut their building off.

For many people, the flooding brought back memories of the summer floods which devastated Sheffield in June 2007.

But firefighters said the latest floods were due to the city's drainage system becoming saturated, rather than the River Don breaking its banks as it did two years ago.