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Last Updated: Thursday June 11 2009 04:41 GMT

In pictures: Cows tested for gas

Cow with head gear on

This cow is being tested by scientists trying to work out how much methane cows produce.

Cows with head gear on

Methane is harmful to the environment as it's one of the gases that cause global warming. Cows produce the gas in their stomach as they digest grass.

Cow with head gear on

The gas is captured in the pipe just above the cow's nose. You may be thinking the pipe would be better positioned near the cows' bums, but the methane doesn't come out there.

Cow with head gear on

The methane is then captured in the grey tube around its neck.


When the tube is full, it's tested in this machine in a laboratory and scientists record the result.

Cow eating grass

The headgear does not stop the cows from doing everything they usually do, from eating to sleeping. The pipe is really light and scientists say it's a bit like head collars horses wear.


A cow

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