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Last Updated: Thursday June 11 2009 18:20 GMT

What wildlife is in YOUR garden?

A Painted Lady butterfly

The RSPB animal charity is asking us all to keep an eye on anything we see crawling, hopping, fluttering or flying around out gardens this week.

It's part of their Make Your Nature Count survey to get a picture of what wildlife's visiting and living in UK gardens.

So what wildlife have you spotted in your garden or local parks?

Are there any creatures you see all the time or do you only notice unusual animals that make a big impression?

Maybe it's all about the birds and bugs where you live, or have you spotted frogs, squirrels or even foxes and badgers pottering around?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

"In my garden we have coal tits and coal tit chicks, two wood pigeons, two collared doves and one baby collared dove. We also get about five sparrows, a few thrushes, blackbirds and magpies. We have woodlice, ants, spiders, worms, bees, beetles and there are two frogs in our pond with tadpoles. At night, we get foxes and there is even a baby one!"

Sophie, 10, Darlington, England

"We have a black bird nesting alongside the window of our conservatory. There's a thrush, a robin, a pair of wood pigeons and a pair of magpies, as well as other little birds. We have four frogs, tadpoles, bees and butterflies. Also, there's a female fox, we think, with a cub and they visit the garden every night."

Hugh, 12, Hull, England

"There are loads! There are sparrows, robins, cats... once we even saw a dove and a grey squirrel!"

Rachel, 10, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I don't get anything, just the odd fat cat!"

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I see lots of butterflies and may bugs, rabbits and pheasants."

Jazzy, 10, Cork, Ireland

"I have seen nothing. Only a slow worm that I am scared of."

Jess, 10, London, England

"We have loads! Every year we get sparrows nesting in our loft. Also robins come to get food for their babies and there's a blackbird that hides in the bush. We have two toads in our pond that stay there all the time, loads of caterpillars (that eat our vegetable patch) and loads more!"

Ellie, 12, England

"I have butterflies and a pond so there are ducklings, a mummy duck and hedgehogs."

Maisie, 9, England

"My garden has a pebbly bit that spiders seem to like so it's always crawling with the things! I also get a lot of slugs which eat my peas so I have to practically cover the garden with slug pellets!"

Rory, 11, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I have a hedgehog, a mouse, a bat, a sparrow and collared doves."

Schaeff, 10, West Sussex, England

"We have seen lots of bees, five butterflies, loads of snails, slugs, spiders and loads of ants. Two wood pigeons which are nesting nearby, magpies, sparrows, starlings, two robins, a wren, blackbirds, big beetles, moths and worms."

Emily and Katie, 7 and 4, Manchester, England

"When I went out in my garden I saw a blackbird, pigeon, sparrow and a crow. It was quite cold and late so I guess the animals were hiding or trying to keep warm. I wonder what animals are in my school woods? I think I'll keep an eye open."

Dana, 9, Portsmouth

"There are a lot of bees around the budliea bush in my garden collecting nectar and baby rabbits in the field! We found little chicks in a bird box at the end of the house!"

Jessica, 10, Truro, England

"There are always mice in my garden from all the left over pizza I don't eat. Lol"

Kelly, 12, Cambridgeshire

"My brother, sister and I see lots of birds. They are so cute!"

Phoebe, 11, Spalding

"I have hedgehogs and loads of others like foxes and butterflies and dragonflies."

Thomas, 13, Hordern, England

"In our playground we have seen butterflies, caterpillars, squirrels, cats, hedgehogs, pigeons, spiders, ladybirds, worms and magpies."

Class 5B, ages 9 and 10, Bradford, England

"I have a few sparrow chicks in my garden."

Joel, 10, Bristol, England

"We have seen loads of butterflies, but the squirrels can sometimes be a pest because they eat my strawberry plants."

Nikita, 8, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I have seen one frog on my doorstep, 15 snails, 24 bees and 15 butterflies. That makes 55 [creatures] I have found."

Lauren, 9, Kent, England

"We have lots of different wildlife in our garden such as foxes, butterflies and much more."

Louisa, 10, London, England

"I get hedgehogs at night because we give them carrots. And we have a robin called Basil. We get two ducks and seven ducklings and a few green finches. I see bees, but lately I have seen them dead scattered on the floor."

Natalie, 12, St Helens, England

"In my garden, there are butterflies, bees and of course my cats!"

Natasha, 10, Huddersfield, England

"Parachutes are very common and also long-tailed magpies!!"

Helena, 12, London, England

"I have seen many birds, such as chaffinches and collard doves and lots of insects."

Sarah, 11, Northern Ireland

"My garden is next to woodland, so we get visited by Roe Deer. I hear Tawny Owls at night and see lots of bats at dusk. A robin has a nest in our climbing roses and has two fledglings."

Sam, 9, Hampshire, England

"I have bees, birds, beetles and some cute hedgehogs!"

Mollie, 11, Liverpool, England

"We have baby blackbirds in our tree. Also, there are a family of four sparrows who have a nest in next door's garden. We have also seen blue tits and wood pigeons. My mum has seen foxes out the front of our house in the middle of the night!"

Finley and Lucy, 8 and 6, London, England

"I see loads of animals. I saw a frog last week, but I don't see butterflies as much - I used to see loads."

Isaac, 13, Derby, England

"I have lots of snails and worms and sometimes my neighbour's cat outside in my back garden, and there are lots of flies and bees."

Areeja, 13, London, England

"We think it was really fun searching for bugs in the garden. In the search we found seven snails, 14 ants, seven spiders, two slugs, two bees, five pond flies, three green bugs, 11 flies, two woodlice, four worms, one butterfly and even one millipede!"

Beth and Louise, 11 and 8, Nottingham, England

"I have lots of wild rabbits in my garden and at night we often see bats."

Euan, 13, Fife, Scotland

"In my garden, I saw three bees on the same flower and I think it was really cool"

Jess, 10, London, England

"I have seen lots of spiders, butterflies, bees, fleas, slugs, worms, snails, ladybirds, birds and many more!"

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"I've seen about 17 bees, 12 butterflies, two mice, 24 blue tits and so many other little creatures!"

Angharad, 10, Wales

"I've got a bird's nest in a bush in my garden and I see the parent birds giving the children birds food, like worms."

Eleanor, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"We have found one butterfly, two ladybugs, nine birds (all different), seven spiders, two frogs, two worms, three beetles, three slugs/snails, three bees, five newts, one daddy-longlegs and one dragonfly."

Holly and Lucy, 12 and 8, Bedfordshire, England

"On 28 May I saw 8 stag beetles flying around my garden."

Archie, 8, Bournemouth, England

"I see rabbits, foxes, swallows and badgers most days."

Tom, 10, Donegal, Ireland

"We have lots of bird nests in our hedges and lots of bees and butterflies. There are lots of caterpillars and ants too!!"

Taemar, 10, Cheshire, England

"We have loads of bees in our back garden, mainly because we have a lavender bush."

Angus, 10, Cornwall, England

"I have seen 15 butterflies, 16 bees, lots of spiders and about five wasps."

Charlotte, 12, Kent, England

"I have a birdfeeder and there are loads of blue tits and other birds who come along. However, some pigeons come along and sit in the plant pots which can be annoying!"

Georgie, 11, London, England

"In my garden we see lots of slugs, sometimes frogs in the summer and bees."

Sally, 11, Leeds, England

"I love wildlife. There has been a peacock around recently and yesterday it was in our garden! At the moment I am doing a project on butterflies, so I am on the look for them. They are so cool!"

Anna, 11, Gloucestershire, England

"We see lots of animals mainly squirrels and birds but now they don't hang around much cause of our new full-term guests - two bunny rabbits!"

Sarah, 12, Merseyside, England

"We get loads of birds and rabbits, as well as horrible slugs!"

Kara, 12, Scotland

"In our garden I have seen sparrows, starlings and thrushes. The sparrows have got a nest at the side of my bedroom window and I can see their chicks when mum comes to feed them."

Olivia, 9, South Yorkshire, England

"In my garden we have lots of birds. One type of bird is the great spotted woodpecker. We have two that eat the bird food and bread in our garden. We also have a field mouse that lives in our garden and really likes me."

Lucy, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I see woodpeckers, occasionally deer, foxes, jays, mice, rabbits, squirrels, butterflies, dragonflies, newts, frogs and we sometimes get a toad in the garden."

Alice, 12, Essex, England

"We have a fox that comes most nights, some mornings, and very rarely in the day. Also we see a bat every night who flies around our garden in circles."

Cameron, 13, East Sussex, England

"I have a corner in my garden which has loads of insects crawling around. There are snails, worms, slugs and sometimes ladybirds."

Bethany, 11, London, England

"In the morning I saw a deer playing with a kitten. It wasn't fully grown but it had antlers. I think it came from behind my garden and there are woods in it. Occasionally I see magpies and crows. Also squirrels; red and grey."

Isha, 11, Yorkshire, England

"We sometimes see frogs in our garden, and once we saw a hedgehog, and last week we saw a slow worm."

Morgan, 6, Hertfordshire, England

"Recently a robin made a nest in our shed and around four eggs hatched. Unfortunately my neighbour's cat got to the nest and ate all the chicks."

Lucy, 12, London, England

"Five painted lady butterflies. We also have a family of blue tits nesting in a tree at the bottom of the garden. Some goldfinches visit our bird feeders regularly. Loads of starlings, collard doves, wood pigeons and sparrows. One grey squirrel!"

Claire, 12, Yorkshire, England

"Sometimes there are hedgehogs in our garden! In our friends' garden, they have wild rabbits! We have lots of birds and insects too. We even have nasty rats! Yuck!"

Lucy, 10, Surrey, England

"We have a lot of birds, squirrels, and we even have a raccoon!"

Rae, 13, Canada

"In my garden there is a fox but it only comes out at night."

Betty, 9, London, England

"I saw a grey squirrel in my garden and once I even saw a woodpecker."

Carys, 13, Wales

"In my garden we have blue tits in our bird box. We also have had a baby fox coming into our garden!"

Luke, 10, Blackpool, England

"I live in a large forest, so there's a lot of wildlife like foxes, deer, squirrels, polecats, all kinds of owls, wild rabbits, a lot of birds, but also mites. "

Guy, 14, England

"In my school our old school building has three kestrels and four babies. Three have hatched."

Tara, 8, Hertfordshire, England

"We have lots of bees in our garden and sometimes we get foxes."

Maria, 7, London, England

"I have seen four small white butterflies and at night there are bats as well as a family of badgers."

Jess, 10, Stockport, England

"Once there was a peacock running up our road and now it's living in one of our friend's gardens."

Shaun, 13, Bedfordshire, England

"There's a birds' nest in my wall and the babies are really cute! Every time I walk past I can hear them singing!"

Alex, 11, Scotland

"I think the 'what wildlife is in your garden?' theme is a brilliant idea as it gets kids outdoors and parents are able to join in too, which is a lot more fun than being sat indoors watching television."

Brittany, 11, Yorkshire, England

"We get a few birds and squirrels but apart from that not much."

Sophie, 12, Wales

"We have hedgehogs in the fall and I found a birds' nest on the side of our house a couple of days ago."

Emmi, 12, Prague, Czech Republic

"We have a wood at the back of our garden so we see foxes and all sorts of animals."

Georgia, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"On Saturday I saw four birds in my garden - all from the tit family. I think they could have just came from a near by nest."

Hannah, 15, Northampton, England