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Last Updated: Wednesday June 10 2009 05:42 GMT

Pets paying price for cash crisis

Ricky finds out about jabs for pets

Fewer people have been taking pets to be vaccinated, and experts say it's because they don't have much money.

Almost 30m pets live in the UK, and like humans they sometimes get sick. A jab now and then helps keep them healthy but they're not getting them.

Vets are trying to get more people to help protect their pets against diseases by getting them vaccinated.

Around 2,000 vets are offering free jabs for some pets, to try to make sure they don't become poorly.

Owners of animals that haven't been vaccinated in the past 18 months will be able to get a free second set of injections, as part of the campaign.

Expensive jabs

A vet

The medicine in the jabs help the animals immune system fight off infections and give them a chance of surviving, but vaccinations are expensive.

A lot of people also think that disease will never strike their animals, but vets warn it's important that all pets are vaccinated.