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Last Updated: Tuesday June 09 2009 12:54 GMT

Muffin the puffin is rescued

Muffin the Puffin Pic: Aberdeen Press and Journal

An poorly puffin is being nursed back to health after being rescued when it was being attacked by seagulls.

Jennie and John Stewart were walking their dogs in Lossiemouth, Scotland, when they saw Muffin in trouble.

The couple took him back home wrapped in a scarf and have been giving him cold baths and feeding him.

John said: "We think the puffin was overcome by storms and was being attacked. It was timely that we found him."

"He was quite feisty to start with but is now feeding well.

Puffin facts
A puffling on St Kilda
Their teeth point backwards
They're only about 30 cms tall
A baby puffin is called a puffling
Their bills can hold lots of fish

"He is now running about and flapping his wings."

It is thought the puffin may have been in Lossiemouth after being blown off course. He will be released once back to full strength. He will be released once back to full strength.