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Last Updated: Tuesday June 09 2009 11:31 GMT

In pics: Ricky meets new Children's Laureate

Ricky meets Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne has been picked as the new Children's Laureate, so Ricky went to meet him to find out more about the best-selling author and illustrator.

An Anthony Browne sketch of a gorilla

Anthony's probably best-known for his use of gorillas in his work, including his breakthrough book Gorilla.

Anthony Browne at work

So can you guess what he's drawing here?

Ricky watches Anthony at work

Every two years an author is picked to be the Children's Laureate in recognition of their work and to promote the importance of good books to get children to read.

Ricky and Anthony look on the finished work

Antony's written more than 40 books over the past 33 years, including Gorilla, Zoo and Willy the Wimp.

The finished gorilla sketch

Now, until 2011, he'll be doing all he can to encourage more of you to get stuck into a good book - with or without gorillas.