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Last Updated: Tuesday June 09 2009 08:15 GMT

Coin marks Henry VIII anniversary

A new crown coin produced by the Royal Mint to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII becoming King

A limited edition £5 coin is being issued by the Royal Mint to mark 500 years since Henry VIII took the throne.

Featuring the chunky figure of Henry, the coins also show the words Rosa Sine Spina, meaning "rose without a thorn", which featured on coins back in 1509.

The Royal Mint said it hoped to honour the "love him or hate him" monarch.

Limited numbers of the "coins fit for a king" are being made in platinum, gold, silver and cupro-nickel, costing from £9.99 to a whopping £4,400.

Henry VIII came to the English throne in 1509 when he was just 17 years old and famously had six wives and a very large appetite.

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While he was king, he made decided to build up the English navy to rival that of Scotland's King James IV, and by the time he died in 1547, England had 58 vessels.

Dave Knight, from the Royal Mint, said: "Love him or hate him, Henry VIII is undoubtedly one of history's most influential monarchs.

"His reign changed the face of England for ever and we felt it was essential that this remarkable period of history was commemorated with a lasting and treasured memento."