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Last Updated: Tuesday June 09 2009 06:18 GMT

Gordon Brown given another chance

Newsround's Adam

Adam checks out Gordon Brown's latest problems

After a dreadful couple of weeks for Prime Minister Gordon Brown, there's finally some good news as other Labour MPs decided to let him keep his job.

Pressure's been building on Mr Brown to quit after several of his cabinet ministers resigned and Labour did badly in the local and European elections.

Some people have been saying he should leave his job to save the party.

But at a meeting with Labour MPs on Monday, most are said to have clapped and cheered to show him their support.

What's gone wrong for Gordon?
He was criticised for not doing enough about the cash scandal in Parliament
Some of his top colleagues quit - saying he was a bit rubbish
His political party - called Labour - did badly in elections for local councils in England
At the weekend they had a meltdown in the European Parliament elections too

During the meeting, Gordon Brown is said to have admitted having "strengths and weaknesses".

He also promised to "listen and learn" after his party was pushed down into third place in the European elections.

After the meeting, some of the people who've been calling for him to go said they'd changed their minds. But not everyone is happy.

One of the pupils who spoke to us

See what some of YOU think about Gordon Brown

Although no-one's challenged Mr Brown for his job as Labour leader yet, several MPs say they still don't think Labour can regain public support unless he goes.