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Last Updated: Tuesday June 09 2009 09:36 GMT

Anthony Browne is new Children's Laureate

A gorilla mug

Ricky chats to the Children's Laureate

Anthony Browne is the sixth Children's Laureate, taking over the role from poet Michael Rosen.

The author and illustrator is perhaps best known for using gorillas in his stories, including his breakthrough book, called Gorilla.

The prize rewards a top name in children's literature for their work, and promotes the importance of top authors to getting kids reading.

As well as the title of Children's Laureate, Anthony also gets £15,000.

Anthony has written more than 40 books since his first in 1976, but it was Gorilla 1983 that made him famous.

Past Children's Laureates
A logo designed by Anthony Browne
Quentin Blake (1999-2001)
Anne Fine (2001-2003)
Michael Morpurgo (2003-2005)
Jacqueline Wilson (2005-2007)
Michael Rosen - (2007-2009)

He started out as an artist and one of his first jobs was drawing pictures of medical textbooks. He painted images of the inside of people's bodies! After that he started designing greetings cards. One of them had a gorilla on it, which gave Anthony the idea for his book Gorilla.

The animals have played a pretty big role in his career so far, but they haven't always been that friendly to him.

Gorilla bite!

Ricky watches Anthony at work

Anthony Browne's top tips

Anthony was once asked to present a TV programme about children's books from a cage alongside some gorillas, but one bit him!

He's a still a big fan of the animals, but has said since: "You wouldn't catch me going into a cage with one again!"