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Last Updated: Monday June 08 2009 15:35 GMT

Labour lose out in Euro elections

Adam looks into Labour's election meltdown

The news is going from bad to worse for Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the Labour Party he leads suffered its worst election results for 60 years.

Labour finished third in the European elections, behind the Conservatives and the UK Independence Party.

The Conservatives have the most seats in the European Parliament, with 25.

But the British National Party has also won its first two seats in Europe, which has shocked a lot of people who say the party promotes racial hatred.

BNP leaders say they're not racist, and instead are standing up for white, British people. They don't want any more people from abroad moving to Britain.

European election results
Election results from Wales
Conservatives - 25 seats
UK Independence Party - 13
Labour Party - 13
Liberal Democrats - 11
Green Party - 2
British National Party - 2
Scottish National Party - 2
Plaid Cymru - 1

But Labour's poor performance is already piling on more pressure for Gordon Brown, who lots of people think should stand down as Prime Minister.

Trouble ahead?

Over the past two weeks, several members of the cabinet - who are among the Prime Minister's closest colleagues in government - have resigned and on Friday Labour did really badly in the local election results too.

Leaders of the opposition parties want Gordon Brown to call a general election so people can vote on who they want to run the country, but the prime minister says he's not going anywhere.