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Last Updated: Saturday June 06 2009 11:30 GMT

Many missing after China landslip

Rescuers at the site of the landslide

Hundreds of rescue workers are hunting for survivors after a massive landslide in China buried around 100 people.

An area 600m long and 300m wide was covered by rubble in the disaster which happened on Friday near Chongqing city.

But rescue efforts are being held back because the ground is too unstable to use heavy machinery, and rain is expected to cause more delays.

So far 26 people have died, and eight have been rescued according to Chinese state television.

It's thought 27 miners were working underground in the area, and rescuers are confident they will be found alive.

But they're not so hopeful for people who were on the surface at the time of the landslide.

It's not thought work at the mine set off the landslide.