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Last Updated: Friday June 19 2009 18:47 GMT

Hotseat: Jenson Button

Ore interviews Jenson Button

Ore interviews Formula 1 number one Jenson Button

Sportsround were lucky enough to have a chat with Formula One driving star Jenson Button!

Ore met the Brawn GP driver ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix and even asked him YOUR questions that you'd sent in.

Ore: It's easy to take F1, but you're the driver that's been talking F1 like no other this season. What's going on?

Jenson: It's wicked isn't it? The team exists and we've made history over and over again. It's been an exceptional season.

Ore: In your nine years of driving you'd only had one win out of 150-odd. Now you've got six out of seven. Are you thinking about the championship?

Jenson: Not really. I mean this year the winning is basically just down to me driving a bit faster. I just thought I'd try a bit harder. I think everything's come together - the car's been great this year, as a package, the team ahs been amazing. I've made the rest of the season so much easier for me than the rest of the field.

Ore: Do you come out of the cat at the end of a race, sweating buckets?

Jenson: In Malaysia you do. You lose about 3kg plus. You get pretty wet and a few drivers - not me personally - if they need to go to the toilet, they do!

Ore: But you've got to be fit to be an actual F1 driver?

Jenson: Yeah other people don't fully realise that - but for us we're pulling a lot of G-Force. G-Force is what happens when you go round a right-hand corner and it pushes you to the left, so your head's hanging on and you've got this freaky neck which all drivers have. So we do a lot of training. I do a lot of basic stuff, like cycling, swimming and running.

Ore: Ellie from Frome - that's where you're from - says is it true that in the Bahrain Grand Prix you burned your bottom because the seat was so hot?

Jeson: Yes, the left buttock!

Ore: Leire from County Kilkenny wants to know hwo you stay so calm before and after a race?

Jenson: I'm just me!

Ore: Sam from Manchester asks if you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

Jenson: Me

Ore: With a pit-stop, how helpless do you feel??

Jenson: Well, it's not long and it goes by pretty quickly and, you know, we pull up to the marks and then they go to work. You've got all these men jumping all over the car. It's a stressful few seconds for everyone around me - except me. You've got to try to be relaxed as much as you can so you get the pull away perfect.

Ore: What happens if you crash?

Jenson: It's a very strange feeling. If you see the barrier coming towards you it's the worst feeling, but you can't do anything. You're helpless at that point. Your body is sort of inside the cat and it's like the skin is being pulled off your body.

Ore: Georgia from Leicester ask what you eat before a race?

Jenson: I normally have noodles.

Ore: Jerome from Stafford wants to know what's your message to young people like him who want to be F1 drivers?

Jenson: It's a lot more stressful that you think, especially for your family.

Ore: And Hannah from Bedfordshire wants to know who's your toughest competitor?

Jenson: Teammate always - Rubens Barrichello

Ore: How does it feel to be the British driver on the up?

Jenson: The bit that I do love is coming to the British Grand Prix, which is the biggest race of the year for a British driver. There are so many fans here that love Formula 1. Arriving here leading the championship is just the biggest buzz and I'm really looking forward to walking into this circuit and hopefully we'll have a good weekend.

Ore: It would be great to win here at Silverstone wouldn't it?

Jenson: It'd be wicked - wouldn't it?