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Last Updated: Friday June 05 2009 11:01 GMT

In pictures: D-Day celebrations in France

Lily and her family

Lily, the girl with the white skirt, travelled with her family to Normandy in France to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Her grandad Don fought there.

Parachutes dropping in Normandy

They travelled to the town of Ranville, where they watched servicemen parachuting out of traditional war planes and into the poppy fields around them, as they did all those years ago.

Lily and her grandad Don

Don and Lily were there to remember the servicemen in the war who played a really important role by parachuting down to bridges in this area which they captured.

Lily and Maddy on the poppy fields

Lily and Maddy stopped in one of the poppy fields where servicemen fought year ago. Don says he remembers how many people died on these fields.

Lily and Don

As you can see Don already has loads of medals for fighting in Word War II, but he's going to be getting another medal to say thank you for his services during the war.

Don with his new medal

Finally, here is Don with his new medal. He looks very proud.