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Last Updated: Friday June 05 2009 15:33 GMT

Bad day for Gordon Brown

Adam looks at Prime Minister's bad day

It's another really bad day for Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as a member of his own government has said he should step down as the UK's leader.

James Purnell, who was the MP in charge of Work and Pensions, quit the cabinet and said Mr Brown couldn't win another election for the Labour Party.

Two other ministers - Defence Secretary John Hutton and Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon - quit their posts today.

Opposition leaders are calling for an election.

Mr Purnell announced he was leaving the government just after voting stopped in European and Local elections at 10pm on Thursday.

Mr Purnell has only decided to leave the cabinet, he will still be an MP. It's very rare for a politician to tell the leader of their party to go.

Cabinet reshuffle: big news

Alistair Darling - stays as chancellor
Alan Johnson - new Home Secretary
John Hutton - quitting as Defence Secretary
Geoff Hoon - quitting as Transport Secretary
Jacqui Smith - quitting as Home Secretary
Hazel Blears - quitting as Communities Secretary

We'll know the first results from the local elections early on Friday, while the European results won't be known until Sunday.

If those election results go badly for Labour it will pile more pressure on the prime minister.

Cabinet reshuffle

A number of cabinet ministers - some of the most important people in government - have resigned in recent days.

Mr Brown announced the big shake-up of who does what job in the government, known as a cabinet reshuffle.

Some people think Mr Brown is changing his top team in a last effort to try and keep power.