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Last Updated: Friday June 05 2009 10:32 GMT

Quiz: Gaming characters

Sonic the hedgehog

Question 1

Super Mario is a plumber, but what's his brother called?

A: Luigi
B: Antonio
C: Marco

Question 2

Sonic is the world's fastest what?

A: Porcupine
B: Hedgehog
C: Echidna

Question 3

In 1981, Mario appeared as a character called Jumpman in which arcade game?

A: Asteroids
B: Frogger
C: Donkey Kong

Question 4

King Koopa is also known as...?

A: Bowser
B: Bozo
C: Boris

Question 5

What's the name of the characters who has to beat Raving Rabbids?

A: Raymond
B: Roland
C: Rayman

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